Trunk Release



Trunk release is a great option to have in your vehicle, especially when carrying pets. Trunk release is a lever and when pushed it automatically opens the trunk  This is a great extra for when you have your hands full yet still require access to the trunk. At Travall we have fantastic trunk release options just waiting for you.


Our prices remain affordable and with a professional service alongside, do you really wish to shop elsewhere? We have a dedicated team, highly trained in car accessories. Because of our expert knowledge we are able to point you in the right direction when it comes to make and model.



Trunk release is not only good for pets but can also prove an asset for others placing items inside your car. If you are pulling over to receive shopping bags, parcels or luggage, you simply pop the trunk whilst those outside load your goods. In this instance you do not even need to leave your seat.


Take a look online today at trunk release systems from Travall. Choose the make and model of your vehicle and we will do the rest, providing you with specific results. We also stock a selection of pet bowls, dog guards and many more accessories, designed to enhance journeys as well as retaining the style of your car or van.